Judas Priest “Redeemer of Souls” released 7.8.2014
Out of the ashes of Nostradamus forges Judas Priest with their latest release “Redeemer of Souls”.
With Rob Halford growling the opening lyrics “Welcome to my web of steel”, Judas Priest is off and running with their 17th studio album….
Ronnie James Dio is one of the most beloved figures in rock history.Sadly, Dio lost his battle with stomach cancer in 2010, but his towering voice and legacy live on. To celebrate one of rock’s most powerful voices, an all-star group of his friends and fans recorded 13 of their favorite tracks for a tribute album that will raise funds for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.
Like his Liverpool background suggests, big things are about to happen for 23 year old Dan Croll.
Chicago metal legends TROUBLE return with their first album since ‘Simple Mind Condition‘, released in 2007. The album entitled ‘The Distortion Field‘ features 13 tracks and was be released by FRW Music in North America on July 16th 2013 and in Europe on July 26th, 2013.
‘The Distortion Field’ makes history in the TROUBLE camp through the band’s acquisition of a new lead vocalist, Kyle Thomas of Exorder and Floodgate fame.
From the opening guitar riff you can plainly see that LOVEBLAST knows what their doing in the studio and are able to deliver the energy of their live performance onto CD.

The five song release starts out with their powerful single “Wild Forever” screaming out “Aint got money or a place to go, but we got a big house and nobodies home”. With that opening line It seems the Loveblast party has begun.

With lead vocalist and guitarist, leader Brian Durbin Has the look and sound that you want in a frontman. His voice is powerful and yet somehow soothing to the ear. In this day in age with all the growling, screaming and rediculious death metal vocalist out there it’s a breath of fresh air to hear what a real vocalist sounds like again. And for it to be a local may I say “Amen”. “Wild Forever is defiantly a hit as well as the second track “In you arms tonight”.

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