Alex Hoffer & Friends with John Till


Aurora Round House 10/5/2013

John Till (opener)

Alex Hoffer & friends (Main event)

Just this last Saturday night I decided to take a little trip to Two Brother’s Roundhouse in Aurora to search out some local talent.   First, I do want to say that this venue is a great size, and showed perfectly sound!  Just loved their balcony seating with a great view of the stage as well.

The show did start off with a local favorite from Naperville, John Till.  Singing as a solo artist only. He switched and played many instruments at once and seemed to impress everyone in the room.  Playing his Country-Blues sound with his hits such as, “A song for June” and another “142“.

Shortly there after Alex Hoffer and Friends hit the stage with Alex on lead then backed by, Patrick Otto- mandola/mandolin, Tom Mazlowski-bass, Don Nudi-drums and with special guest Eric Lambert-electric guitar. They started off  with some of his big hits like, “Keep on searching” and “Something’s missing”.  With all of their sound together and being inspiring enough…I found out that Alex does a lot of his songwriting as he performs and recently been putting it all in to play with several new musicians. Bringing a new twist to his music and now booking shows very quickly as a set.   What I enjoyed from the show was how the band really showed off their each individual sound on numerous occasions..  Then Alex moving everyone with his soulful voice and his unique style of guitar picking left me amazed.  I also have never seen such a beg from the crowd for more as the night came to a close.  The venue had no choice but to let them play more. After a cover of “Ain’t no sunshine” they completed their set with “Thanks for nothing”.

People do say.. funk, blues, folk, and rock typically find people…  Well, seeing last Saturday… it found Two Brother’s Roundhouse!

~Wendy Greenslade

Photos and Review by : Wendy Greenslade/Locked In Photography

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