Altitudes and Attitude at Reggies in Chicago


Altitudes & Attitude in ChiTown

A&A Cover

At Reggies, March 22. 2014


I was extremely excited to do this gig! Two of my favorite bassist together on stage playing new tracks as well as some of their favorites from the past.   The evening started with getting a chance to head back stage and meet up with David Ellefson and Frank Bellow to do a quick interview.  Their mood was very ‘chill’ however I was very  very excited to cover two artists that I grew up admiring.  After the interview we got to hang out a little and BS and I have to say that David and Frank have been two of the coolest, most laid back guys in metal I have met so far.

It is very cool to see two artists who have risen to the top remain so humble after all these years.  To set foot on some stomping ground stages and bring something new to the table is a cool thing to have witnessed.  You can definitely tell these two are good friends and that they are doing it for the love of music.  When you watch them perform, it’s obvious that aside from the talent, these two are simply having a great time on stage together bringing a new view of what they have to offer.

I knew of the three original songs that had, but was surprised to learn that they would be playing some of their favorite covers. They opened up with Cheap Tricks “Hello There”. I have to say that was a pretty awesome track to open up with! Then right into Ace Frehley’s “Rip it out”. Next up was The Ramones ( Of course!) “Teenage Lobotomy”.

After a short break to talk about the band and how it came about , they went into their originals starting out with “Here Again” .  All I can say is they ripped, yes ripped that song!  Next was “Booze and Cigarettes” which took a hold of the crowd.  That the chorus is so catchy that I have been humming it in my head since!   The following song was “Tell the World” which I have to say is Frank’s crowing achievement.  You can tell that Frank is pouring out his soul on this song.  Its really cool to see him do this kind of work after years of thrashing out like a madman.  It takes a lot of balls to become a lead vocalist and play guitar after years of playing another instrument, very similar to Dave Grohl.

Later,  They did a U2 song and followed by the Clash’s “London Calling”.   This song put the crowd into real cool, mellow mood but that didn’t last to long as they did the instrumental “Switch 625” by Def Leppard,  which they did excellent and got the place rockin’. They closed the set with “God save the Queen” and had the crowd screaming for more. They came out and played a couple more encores.

Ellefson played flawless as usual for each and every track and Frank’s lead vocals and guitar playing were very impressive.  You can tell this is the start of something very big.  Not only is the talent there, but the love for the craft and the good time they seem to be having on stage together is a sure sign this is the beginning of something very special and I am glad to have been a part of it.


Don’t miss this show when it rolls into your town. A must see!

~Fly (John Affinito)



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  1. I also thought the opener Kingery kicked som major ass to open the show!

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