An Acoustic Evening with Sevendust


When you hear the word ‘acoustic’ you tend to think ‘mellow‘, two words I would have not thought to pair up with Sevendust.  Knowing how heavy Sevendust can bring it; I wasn’t too sure what to expect Thursday night for the ‘Acoustic Evening with Sevendust’ at the H.O.M.E. bar in Arlington Heights yet I was definitely looking forward to it.

Having the opportunity to sit down and talk with Lajon earlier in the day, I saw that ‘mellow’ side to the Powerhouse Front man and knew this show was going to deliver.

This acoustic canvas offered Lajon an opportunity to paint his vocals in an array of vibrant colors.  His range and passion poured throughout each and every song bringing the Sevendust family in even closer.

This was a personal evening with the band as they talked about their families and tales of their tour.  Having this opportunity to see a more intimate side was definitely pretty cool.

The band managed to perform an acoustic set while still delivering that Sevendust heavy sound with such eclectic talent and melodic harmonies.

~Sheri Archambeau Knowles

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  1. One word “VERSATILE”

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