***A Little Thought That Became A Reality…



Well here we are…launching the magazine that was a little idea that became a reality.   I stop and think of how this all came to be and it’s just crazy!

Seems like yesterday, although it was almost three years ago…John and I were on a vacation in Boston on October 2010.  John was playing around with his Iphone and taking pictures of me.  After looking them over, I realized he had a talent in photography and from there it all began.

We quickly decided to build a photography business (Fly Photography) and would watch it develop from there.  John being a musician all his life, had the connections and next thing you know, he is shooting live bands.  It was only a matter of months before his name got out there and we were going from Local Acts to National Acts and submitting photos to Illinois Entertainer, Milwaukee Rock Examiner and Rock Show Magazine.

Getting these gigs was always exciting and we have met some amazing people along the way.  This industry can be brutal, the people either love you or hate you…but the ones we grew to know and love, gave us the confidence to know we could go further with this.

This last June we were asked to shoot for another magazine however had to do most of the footwork researching PR and Management.  It was at that point we realized we could take a stab at doing this on our own.

Almost three months to the date..we are hear.  

I love what has transpired and how I have obtained so much knowledge along the way.  

Building this magazine without any knowledge of coding was quite a challenge and many nights in tears.  Our web designer did his best to let me learn alone so that I had the confidence to continue on.  I couldn’t thank him enough for that.


Our goal with this magazine is to let our viewers do the talking.  We do not want the magazine to be filled with advertisements that loose the content of the magazine.  

WHATS GOIN DOWN IN CHI TOWN is our motto.  At this point, it is very organic and we will evolve daily on the layout and content of the magazine.

My intent is to cover restaurants, clubs, concerts, local bands, under 21 events and etc.

With the amazing staff of photographers and editors…I am sure we will suceed and bring you the best of What’s Goin’ Down In Chi-Town!


Thanks Again Everyone who had the patience to put up with my frustration these last 2-3 months!  I love you all!



~Sheri Archambeau Knowles


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