Here we go, Second gig in as many days. Last night I covered KORN and tonight AVENGED SEVENFOLD.  As I passed the Allstate Arena (looking down at it from the highway), I was interested in seeing if the parking lot was full; to my amazement it was! Now I’ve got Goosebumps. You see, I have never seen AVENGED SEVENFOLD live and I was rather excited shoot them, especially in an arena the size of Allstate.

As Ientered the building, I ran into the usual suspects from my ‘Fellow Photogs’ to some of my security friends. I always like to shoot at Allstate because it just feels like a good vibe to me for such a big Arena.  As we were walked down to the pit, (Escorted by Jon Reens from Live Nation), about a dozen of us photographers had to find a detour to get through the crowd.  The energy was alive.  It felt good.

As we listened to the intro music of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” the crowd was chanting “Seven Fold, Seven Fold”.  As soon as that song ended they hit the stage with a fury!  Opening up with “Shepherd of fire” into “Critical Acclaim” and “Welcome to the family”. All the while, the intense pyros were going off like crazy! I was sweating my ass off…Man this fuckin band rocks!  Their sound was impeccable.

After I shot my first three songs it was time to go. So as I was walking away they jumped into the title track of their new album “Hail to the King”.

After a couple more songs lead vocalist M Shadows (with spotlight on him) talked about how him and boys were childhood friends and how the loss of their drummer “The Rev” has affected them. He dedicated the next song “Fiction” to him stating, “This was the last song we ever sang with “The Rev”. It was rather touching. The song has this eerie feeling but yet it is very beautiful at the same time.  There was a large video screen showing footage of him…I thought that was beautiful.

They went into “Nightmare” and then a few more which led them to their closing song the incredible hit “Bat Country”.

The encores included “Chapter Four” and ‘Unholy Confessions”.

Make no bones about it, this band is HOT!


Their new drummer smokes and of course their guitarist are among the best in the business. Pick up their new album “Hail to the King”. And don’t miss this show when it hits your town.  I’m out.  \M/


Written by John (Fly) Affinito


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