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baby metalChicago House Of Blues

May 14, 2015


I’ve seen many, many, metal shows at the House of Blues but this, Metal?  Not so sure that is what I would call it.  High intensity?  Head banging?  Most definitely!  Have we embarked upon a new genre of Metal?  According to what you can read about this band, Baby Metal is named by the band’s producer (Kobmetal) as a name that carries a “divine message”.  ‘Baby’ may indicate ‘new and fresh’ while ‘Metal’ can stand for “intensity”…a new genre possibly?

As I arrived at House of Blues last night getting my credentials for the show I could already hear the band shredding upstairs! As usual at HOB it was jammed packed from the front of the stage to the back of the house.  After slithering our way to an empty spot near the back bar the band was already into their set. Although I don’t know a lot of their material, from what I heard from the first couple songs, it was a mixture of bone crunching chaos with the innocence of the three girl vocalist: Suzuka Nakamoto (b. 20 Dec 1997 in Hiroshima – aka Su-Metal), Moa Kikuchi (b. 4 Jul 1999 in Aichi – aka Moametal) and Yui Mizuno (b. 20 Jun 1999 in Kanagawa – aka Yuimetal).  I can say that the sold out crowd was at a fever pitch thrashing and singing along with every song. It almost felt as if it was a rock video with the crowd knowing exactly when to chime in and chant.

For me the highlight was the hits played back to back of ‘Doki Doki Morning’ and of course the pounding in your face of ‘Give me Choco’! After a short break they jumped into their encores of ‘Headbanger‘ and ‘Road of Resistance’. I have to say that this bands talent is undeniably precise.  After the set was over we did some quick interviewing of the audience and was very surprise of the age range and of where many have traveled from just to see the band.  Many of the fans in the Chicago House of Blues came from all around the country including some that have been traveling for days following the group from town to town!  All in all it was a very fun evening with a hard rocking band and their adorable girl vocalists.

If I could describe this band (or should I say possibly a new genre),  I would say its Pop meets Metal!

Go see Baby Metal when they hit your city you won’t be disappointed!!!!  Johnny Fly….

Reviewer:  John Affinito

Photo Credit: Amuse, Inc.


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