***Check out Chicago’s Very Own PHOSPHENE and their newest video!

***Check out Chicago’s Very Own PHOSPHENE and their newest video!

1376333_754301941253245_2078901392_nVocalist Jeni (of Persistence Of Memory), Drummer Andrew (of Beautiful Nightmare), Guitarist Joey (of The Tragic Loss Of Veronica Lake), and Bassist Michael (of The Last Petal) quickly fell together after parting ways with their bands with the determination to bring back the sound of alluring, heartbreaking, headbanging, and energy Resonating Rock N’ Roll music. Influenced by the many legends of 80’s and 90’s hard rock, “Phosphene” strives to bring back the essence of old time Rock and Roll while adding glimpses of heavy metal. The band tackles the emotional issues of loss, heartbreak, betrayal, and loneliness leaving the listener with the strength and ability to heal and find hope.

Working as a highly driven quartet, the band is finally ready to share their music with the world starting with their first single “Break The Silence” off their highly anticipated EP “Any Last Words” that will be released in January 2014. The band is ready to take the Chicago music scene to the next level as musicians, songwriters, artists, performers, and friends. The band posted on their site “We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this project and spent many sleepless nights perfecting and analyzing our music so it would not only reach the hearts but shake the souls of all our listeners.” and that’s exactly the emotional ride they are taking their fans on. Get ready Chicagoans because Phosphene is ready to take the show and steal your heart!


Published Oct.26.2013


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