Chicago Titles Faith No More the Leader of Men

Faith No More

With Le Butcherettes

Concord Music Hall

Chicago, May 7, 2015

Faith No More a rock/metal band… Decades of reputation and recognition as one of the huge cult favorites in the domain of alternative metal. Faith No More left many fans around the world devastated, including myself when they declared their split in 1998. Providentially, the band once more exploded onto the music scene for a series of reunion shows starting in 2009. However, their next new album, “Sol Invictus” is going to be on surface this month. One can for surely say that the band is out of the hibernation period and are not going to waste any of their time hiding in the spotlight.
Faith No More’s first album, “We Care a Lot” was released in 1985. That album did attract a crowd but the main role in earning today’s fan following was played by their follow-up lead vocal replacement for Chuck Mosley. Shortly after, ‘Introduce Yourself’ (1987) Mike Patton joined Faith No More as lead vocalist in 1989. Months later, “The real thing” was released reaching the top ten US charts instantly. The Real Thing also lead to many knock out television performances… Whether on MTV or on Saturday Night Live… We remember those ear plug commercial’s!!! Again, Faith No More was unstoppable and remained so with Patton’s stunning vocal range of over six octaves running right into our ears… Flooding them with a wide open range of opera, scatting, death growls, screaming and crooning. Then bringing it all together with Roddy Bottum’s energizing keyboards, Billy Gould’s smacking bass, legendary, Mike Bordin on drums, and soon.. Jon Hudson on lead guitar making it one hell of an experience.
Here we are.. After a long gap of eighteen years the seventh album titled, “Sol Invictus” will be released on May 19th, 2015. This tour is hitting so hard already and on every follower’s must see list. Their newest single, “Superhero” starts with pounding drums and throbbing kind of pulse that actually syncs up with the title. The album, “Sol Invictus” seems to be solid and mature with an explosion of rock greatness. Tonight’s show proved even after so many years the reputation of the band is still intact with great force. Faith No More played many of our favorite 90’s shit and a couple new. Manly their old. It was incredible. However, the stress from fans on ticket sales was expressed by many outside the Concord. With that said, only a small group of their die-hard fan were able to get tickets due to the shows selling out within minutes. Complications happened all across the North American tour leaving “Faith No More” to apologize to their fans for the ticketing issues. I know for Chicago, we needed a much larger venue but really love that close touch. The Concord Music Hall runs a great show and has a new amazing sound system but the capacity is only 1,600. This left many fans outside the Concord with no option but being forced to reach out and travel to other cities. Truth is… No matter where they do occupy… It’s been proven again and again… A killer show. The most anticipated rip-roaring show of 2015.
For me.. Looking back on tonight.. It couldn’t have been any better. Although, a small sold out venue, I was damn grateful to be a part of it. It gave a personal feel, I was connected, and very glad to have met many new friends. I ended up drenched in sweat and lost my voice… I made my way back to the front and got my ass handed to me in that ruff crowd. Man! It was so worth it! I wanted to hear it all! “Epic” -Sure it was… It’s considered one of the best all around songs of Faith No More that carries immense aural old time perfection. Let me tell you… “Midlife crisis.” Yeah, that was wicked! I’m still on a high from that energy from the floor. It still held tight to its hip hop elements with an added fun twist near end. Patton once described the song as emotional, one that develops false emotions or invents them. I very much agree to that statement. Other greats played: ” Evidence” “We care a Lot” “Caffeine” “Land of Sunshine.” We, (Chicago) were spoiled with the best.
I did purposely wait to listen to their new songs till the show. I am excited to say I am looking forward to that album purchase of “Sol Invictus.” However, I wasn’t able to dodge the two new songs “Motherfucker” and “Superhero” before hand. Roddy Bottum really bringing in the chorus in “Superhero” while Patton works up anticipation with his half-whispers followed by his snarling and crooning. Yeah, good stuff. They proved their title “Leader of men” by pulling in that large crowd, pits were hitting hard and all left completely satisfied. All in all a new vibe, it’s nothing but Faith No More sound. They had great feedback from Chicago, many were already mouthing lyrics to “Sunny Side Up.” I’d say their new album is well welcomed. The only thing I see getting myself being more open to would be the amount of backup vocals in “Sol Invictus” other than that … I’m really into the slow intro and the hard throughout.

The lyrics, the sound layers and heart pounding rhythms always make this band the best band carrying ferocious originality-
Never lose your core!

– Wendy Greenslade

Photo credit: Wendy Greenslade


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  1. Rob Kovach // May 10, 2015 at 9:33 pm // Reply

    That show was FANTASTIC! The band played so well, and a great setlist.
    I had the choice for much cheaper tickets for the next day in Detroit, but chose to pay much more for the smaller venue at Concord Music Hall. The venue made it seem like they were playing just for me and some friends.

    Chicago brought out the best in the band. Thank you, chitown for making it happen.

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