Demi Lovato lights up the Allstate Arena

DemiLovato Neon Lights tour

The powerful Latina filled Allstate Arena on Friday March 14th 2014 bringing her Neon Lights tour to her fans.   The disney icon sold out the Allstate  with all ages filling the arena.  Little girls all dressed up holding their fathers hands with such excitement as to what was to come,  young teens jumping up and down waiting to see their idol and older teens and women enjoying an electric sounding ladies night out.


Demi kept the crowd entertained for hours with DJ Cole starting the evening out with a dance mash up before the opening act, Fifth Harmony hit the stage.  The crowd went wild as each member of Fifth Harmony appeared in individual doorway props.  The former X Factor contestants opened their set with “Me & My Girls” and continued to keep the mostly female crowd screaming with other songs such as “Better Together”, “Leave My Heart Out Of This”, “Independent Woman” (Destiny’s Child Cover), “Don’t Wanna Dance Alone” and ending the set with “Miss Movin’ On” which had the crowd going insane.


Collins Key is another act on tour with Demi.  Collins is a young rising star that regularly performs at corporate events.  He was hired on Demi’s tour to keep the crowd entertained between sets.  Collins continued to build up the energy with the fans with his act as well as tossing out t-shirts and giving away a back stage pass to one lucky fan.

Following Collins, The screaming crowd got louder and louder as the 2011 winners of U.K. x-factor , Little Mix took the stage.

Opening with “Salute” and four male dancers, the crowd went wild as the ladies brought pure energy to the stage.  Following were songs such as “Move”, “DNA” and “Word Up” .  These four ladies have a great harmony and kept the crowd singing throughout the entire set.  The hit of the evening for Little Mix was when they performed the hit “Wings” for all their screaming fans.

The lights then dimmed for Demi Lovato.  The intense volume of screams from fans as they lit up the venue with neon glow sticks was electric.  Lovato appeared by rising from under the stage to bring her anxious fans her hit “Heart Attack”.    Flashing her new shaved look with pink highlights, Demi took over the stage.

Following her opening hit, Lovato performed “Remember December”, and had the crowd screaming, jumping and going wild with “Fire Starter”.  Demi followed with showing us an added talent by performing a small drum solo prior to her song “The Middle”.  Her next song “Really Don’t Care” seemed to show a side of her confidence very similar to what we see and love with pop star Kelly Clarkson.

Following her five hits into the evening, She slows it down to engage with her fans.  “How you guys doing tonight”? she yells as the crowd waves their neon light sticks.   Lovato then proceeds to share with us how she first saw a Jonas Brothers video which was performed at this same venue she is at today, The Allstate Arena in Rosemont. She exclaimed how she dreamt of one day having that same opportunity and here she is.   She shared with us memories of her tour with Jonas Brothers and it was then when she wrote this next song “Catch Me” which was absolutely beautiful as the arena light up with lighters and cell phones.

Demi had the crowd in the palm of her hands all evening long as she continued to belt out hit after hit.  Not a moment of silence, not a moment where you didn’t feel the pure every and love from her fans.

Demi has proven that she can break from that Disney label and bring her own Lovato feel to her performances.  Her show was electric as her talent sang for itself.    This show was stacked with non-stop entertainment as Demi certainly knows how to put on a party for her fans!


~Sheri Archambeau


Demi Lovato setlist:

Heart Attack
Remember December
Fire Starter
The Middle
Really Don’t Care
Catch Me
Here We Go Again
Made in the USA
Two Pieces
Let It Go
Don’t Forget
Got Dynamite
Neon Lights

Give Your Heart a Break



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