Lariyah Hayes Update


Photos by John Affinito/Fly Photography

Photos by John Affinito/Flys Photography



Finding a photograph we shot of Lariyah was simple.  We basically went to the beginning of our library because it was her who gave us our first shot.  Lariyah has done so much for so many of us here in Chicagoland that it is only right that we give back.

As many of you know, Lariyah was involved in a tragic accident that took the lives of three and left many serious injuries for the other passengers involved.  Lariyah is not only a musician, an artist but a brand new mother of only 11 weeks with very serious injuries that lead a complicated road ahead.

Please help with Lariyah’s recovery and follow her story here:

Save an artist’s hand and a musician’s tools to keep going!

Wishing Lariyah a speedy recovery from us here at

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