CHITOWN ROCKS:  Hi Guys, nice to meet you and thanks for taking the time to speak to me. So first question out of the way…How did you guys get started?

Carla Harvey:      Well Heidi and I were in a punk rock cover band together and we got sick of playing covers and wanted to start our own band.   We were both metal kids so we decided to do a metal band.  Then we found three incredibly guys to back us up and Butcher Babies was born.

CTR:  Were you guys out of LA?

CH:  Everyone was out of LA at the time and I’ve known Henry here for decades so ya know,  I called him and asked him if he knew any guitar players for the metal band not having any idea he played guitar himself!

HENRY FLURY:  Ya she calls me and is like “Hey do you know any guitar players”?  And I’m like “Duh, I’ve only been playing my entire life”.

CH:  We’ve been friends and have gone to tons of metal shows together and I just didn’t know that he played guitar! (As she laughs)… So I was skeptical but I had him come in and it ended up being a  perfect, perfect fit.  And Jason here, he bought me a drink one night at a bar and we talked for a bit about Cannibal Corpse and I asked him if he was interested in joining a metal band.  Of course he was down after some convincing.  And Chris was a friend of Heidi and I.

So it all came together very organically and as soon as we walked on stage,… it was magic.

HF:  Ya it wasn’t like auditions or trying all these people out.

CTR: It just fit?’

HF: Ya, it just all fell into place.

CTR:  I read that Josh Wilbur was your producer,  I know he has worked with Gojira, Lamb of God and a lot of heavy bands.  How was it working for him?

CH:  For me it was a life changing experience. I don’t wanna sound,  ya know… “weird” but it really was.  Working with him changed me as a vocalist, it made me a way better vocalist and I felt like ‘free’ to do the things I have wanted to do all along.  I felt brave enough to do them under his guidance, if that makes sense.

CTR:  Absolutely.

JASON KLEIN:  He’s like a wizard behind the board.

CTR:  So did he produce AND engineer?

JK:  Yes, well with his partner.  But yah, When we sat down to do pre productions, where ya just kinda go thru the songs… he knew right away what he wanted to do with us.  He was like “I know EXACTLY what I want to do with you guys”.

CTR:   That’s the sign of a great producer.

CH:  Well he had the same vision as us.  All along that’s been the magical part of this band.  It’s finding people with the same vision.  These guys share the same vision as Heidi and I had when we first started this band and ya know, finding a producer that also shares that same vision was really important to us and Josh did that for us.

CTR:  Very cool.  So this is your first Mayham Fest right?  What has it been like so far for you guys?

CH:  Yes, and it has been incredible.  At first we weren’t sure …I mean, its no secret that I  was a little worried before this tour. I mean there is a lot of hate on the internet , ya know?  Stuff like “They aren’t a real metal band, they’re  a gimmick”.  I was very, very nervous but as soon as we hit that stage every day, there is always a sea of metal heads ready to start a huge pit for us and the crowds are bangin it.

We feel very at home every time we get on stage.  Everyone here has been great and we been so welcomed.  And I have to say, there is absolutely zero negativity that we have experienced.  Its been great.

CTR:  So basically it has just been a lot of hairsay?

CH:  Ya, seems like it.

HF:  Ya know those haters and the negativity…those are just people you don’t ever see anywhere.  They never show their faces ,which is typical.

CTR:  Well you had a great response with the crowd today, I think that speaks for itself.   So, before you jumped on your album, you guys toured with Manson.  Can you tell me a little about the ups and downs of touring with Manson?

CH:  We were all excited when we got the Manson tour.  We all jumped up and down like little kids because for us…I mean, like he is one of our idols!  I literally call him ‘The last true living rock star’ because he is all about sex, drugs, rock and roll and not above throwing a hissy fit.  It was just incredible to watch him.  We learned so much.

CTR:  Congrats on your hit single I SMELL A MASSACRE reaching #8 on the Liquid Metal Dozen.  Where do you think you’ll go from here?

CH:  Well hopefully #1!  We are so proud.

CTR:  Do you guys see another hit off that album?

CH:  They are already playing like 4 or 5 off that album.  It’s been unreal for us.  I mean we are very, very proud and it’s great others think it’s great also.

CTR: Well unfortunately, I only have a few minutes here with you,  Anything you want to share?  I know you guys must be pumped for the Monster Energy After Shock in Sacramento.  Ya got Korn, Megadeth, Testament…

JK:  Just to be in the line up with those artists is such an accomplishment.

CTR:  Well I gotta say, your doing it right, it was great to have these few minutes to sit down with you.  I hope to see you in Sacramento.



Interview by:  John (Fly) Affinito 2013




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