Iron Invasion



 Bringing the Streets of Woodstock to a Halt!

So, I hit the road for an hour drive up North, checkin’ out some traveling bands to hit the Chicago-land area.  I attended this show last year and I remembered it was a huge hit for many.  We’re talkin’ Hot Rod’s, Bike’s, Pin-striping, Pin-up culture and of course… supporting original bands.

Due to a huge rainstorm I was only able to cover the first night of the show, which included Bible Belt Sinners (A traditional all American R N R from St Louis, MO), The Western Starlanders (A blend of elements from classic Country, Western Swing, Jazz, and Blues) and following was Rumble Seat Riot (A Des Moines based Rockabilly Trio).

So, here’s my quick little recap…  Starting off the night with Bible Belt Sinners (which was a great choice I believe)… Opening up with their hit,  ‘I smell a Rat’.  I also wanted to give them special thanks for signing off their set list for me! Just killer!

Soon after Bible Belt Sinners, The Western Starlanders worked their swing, and got everyone up dancing. The crowd was just stomping those stands while having their own flame show right to the left of them.  It was hard to stay in one place having so many entertaining things pulling you in every direction.

I closed out the night with Rumble Seat Riot.  I was hoping to get to see the full set without being locked in as a ‘camper’ as the start time hit 11pm.  These guys were so wicked good!  They really know how to work a crowd and get ya jumpin’. Not only do they rock but also their stand-up bass act is amazing.  I would love to see these guys again-without a doubt!  Excellent close to the night!

The Iron Invasion founder, John Wells shows great support from many vendors and functions with a fine tune.  In passing with John this time around as a Photographer/Editor, I see his true passion for music and the Hotrod- Rockabilly culture.  His hard work just doesn’t stop at the Iron Invasion, he also hosts

Vintage Torque Fest, which is held earlier in the year.  Having a chance to meet him, I can’t say enough how impressed I am.  Every year his shows are more successful than the last, and among many others, I was happy to support the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation. So, next time you are in town… Check out his list of events and get out and see a show!!  – All gate proceeds go directly to the 501(c)3. Details at

Review and Photos by Wendy Sherman Greenslade/Locked In Photography






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