Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson moves the Windy City

At Chicago Theatre on Oct.6th

 What a gorgeous night for a show downtown this past Sunday! As the cool crisp night began, I made my way over to The Chicago Theatre.  Once known as  “The Wonder Theatre of the World” still leaves any visitor completely breathless.  It has endless beauty with great lighting and sound. Completely amazed, I started making my way in the building to cover the show of Jack Johnson and I see nothing but smiles everywhere!!  I mean, I know I was in a great mood already due to no traffic on my way in, but the vibe was killer in the lobby. There were many groups of couples and happy fans everywhere.

The open feature of Bahamas was really moving for me, and I do believe it was great mood prep to Jack Johnson.  They were soft and catchy with waltzing rhythms that left you shifting from one side to another in your seat.

Moments after the opening act was over, Jack Johnson walked his stage and the crowd went wild!  He wasted no time to come out and address his full house.  He started laughing telling his famous story of locking bikes on the meeting of his wife.  Then soon moving right into his hit “Do your remember when” playing solo acoustic.  I don’t believe I have ever seen so much ‘engaging in some kind of embrace’ at a show. So many signs of affection! At one silent moment a man screamed, “ I love you Jack” and then in turn he replied, “Thanks man”.  Followed by much laughter. Jack talks and sings to his audience in such a humble manner, and I see now why he sells out so quickly with his tour of his new album “From Here To Now To You”.  After the first few songs he brings out his band and plays a wide range of past favorites and new hits. Jack pulling out, “Washing dishes”, then “Bubble toes”, and “Better together” got everyone moving and singing with a sway all night long.  The few things I adore most about Jack Johnson is that he stays strong to his style of music and always expresses his compassion for his loved ones.  Throughout the show he reminds you of all the little things that we commonly forget about; but yet, we can’t live without.  As I walked out to the lobby after his set, I found myself with even a bigger smile then before.


~Wendy Greenslade


Photo submission and Review by: Wendy Greenslade/Locked In Photography

To see more of Jack Johnson go to:  http://jackjohnsonmusic.com

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