Judas Priest-Redeemer of Souls/Review

Judas Priest- “Redeemer of Souls”

Released July 8.2014

This CD cover image released by Epic Records shows "Redeemer of Souls", by Judas Priest.  (Photo/Epic Records)

CD cover image released by Epic Records shows “Redeemer of Souls”, by Judas Priest. (Photo/Epic Records)

Judas Priest: ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ 7/8/14

Out of the ashes of Nostradamus forges Judas Priest with their latest release ‘Redeemer Of Souls’.

With Rob Halford growling the opening lyrics “Welcome to my web of steel” Judas Priest is off and running with their 17th studio album “Redeemer Of Souls”.  The band from Birmingham England turns 40 this year and how fitting is it that this latest release is typical Judas Priest through and through.  From start to finish it is relentless with peaks and valleys along the way.

After their 2008 Nostradamus, which didn’t quite live up to the hype of a double album release, “Redeemer of Souls”  is a grand slam hit way out of the ballpark!

The first three tracks are as good as any Judas Priest opening songs I’ve heard.  With the sound of thunder starting the album they rip it right of the bat with “Dragonaut”, Raging guitars and pounding drums drive this track with guitar riffs and chorus reminiscing of old school Priest.  Without a second gone by they jump right into the first single and title track “Redeemer Of Souls”, a ‘mid-paced’ song with a big chorus.

Track three is “Halls of Valhalla”, one of my favorites on the album. The intro is eerie yet beautiful. Although Halford doesn’t quite have the highs like he once used too he can still bring it when he has to (like the opening scream) on this track. Like a veteran ball player he has learned how to up his game in other ways yet not forgetting his power of the past.

The next two tracks blend perfectly together . “Sword of Damocles”; Amazing heaviness to this song with a touch of Thin Lizzy in the opening guitars.  The middle break down part with Halford singing in acapella sounds like the ghost of Ronnie James Dio, which is beautiful in its own way.   Fifth track “March of the damned”  is a slower paced,  heavy pounding song with great guitar hooks and powerful chorus.  Are you catching on to the theme I’m driving at here?  This album is kicking it on all cylinders.

Jump down a bit and we come to track nine “Metalizer”.  This is purely Judas Priest in all its glory with the feel of old school and a bit of  “Painkiller”, metalizing you straight in the face!  After some more tasty tracks they end the album with slow melodic songs showcasing the beauty that we’ve always known from Rob Halford.

I can’t help but go back to my past and see myself listening to “Hell Bent for Leather” while putting my headphones on and melting away into the song “Before the dawn”, which is one of Rob’s most beautiful pieces of work in my humble opinion.

When you purchase the deluxe version on ITunes you get an extra five songs.

I’m not going to give away all the secrets of this release but all I can say is this album is a MUST for any Priest fan, old and new.  With the addition of Richie Faulkner they have said to be recharged and this is absolutely true.  What would we have done if Priest had retired like they said they were going to?  Where would the fate of this amazing art form known to us all as ‘metal’ end up?

All I can say is go out and get this album support one of the founding fathers of metal and don’t you dare miss them on their upcoming fall tour with Steel Panther opening.  You can of course see and hear all things Priest on all of their social media sites.

In my opinion the latest release from Judas Priest “Redeemer Of  Souls” is 4 out of 5 stars!


-John Affinito (Fly) \M/

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-John Affinito (Fly) \M/

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