Live @ The Riviera Theatre, Chicago Il. 10/2/13


After a 1hour and 20 minute drive to get to The Riviera Theatre, I couldn’t have been more pumped up to shoot this gig. Although I completely missed the opening band and seen the last two songs for Asking Alexandria, It couldn’t have worked out better. After a quick libation, I headed down to the ‘Bowels Of Hell’, better known as the Riviera photo pit.  Again… sweating buckets!   Seems that no matter what season it is, it’s always hotter than hell in there!

The crowd was already whipped in a frenzy yelling “KORN, KORN, KORN” as the roadies started setting up the stage.  As soon as the intro music started and the banner dropped with the drummer taking his place behind the kit, the place erupted!

Starting the set with the familiar cymbal ride into ‘Blind’ you could feel the energy rise to a fever pitch. As soon as Jonathan Davis came out with his scream, it was chaotic!

Quickly into ‘Twist’ and ‘Falling Away From Me’, it was well apparent that KORN was back!  A little bit down the set list they wiped into ‘Coming Undone’ and ‘Did my time’.

I have to say I haven’t seen KORN in years but they sounded as tight as I remember. It felt so good to see Head back on stage with the band. All I can say is Amen!

After more songs they ended with their cover of Pink Floyds ‘Another brick in the wall’.

The encores were ‘Get Up’, ‘Got the Life’ and to end the set the always appropriate ‘Freak on a leash’.

After everything is said and done it seems that KORN is here to stay!

No pun intended!!!!

I’m out.  \M/




Photos and review by:  John Affinito (Fly)/Flys Photography

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