Love Blast


From the opening guitar riff you can plainly see that this is a band that knows what their doing in the studio and are able to deliver the energy of their live performance onto CD.

The five song release starts out with their powerful single “Wild Forever” screaming out “Aint got money or a place to go, but we got a big house and nobodies home”. With that opening line It seems the Loveblast party has begun.

With lead vocalist and guitarist, leader Brian Durbin Has the look and sound that you want in a frontman. His voice is powerful and yet somehow soothing to the ear. In this day in age with all the growling, screaming and rediculious death metal vocalist out there it’s a breath of fresh air to hear what a real vocalist sounds like again. And for it to be a local may I say “Amen”. “Wild Forever is defiantly a hit as well as the second track “In you arms tonight”.


This song has all the hooks and big sound you want in a hit single. From the chours to the lead guitar playing to the breaks. For some reason I’m hearing a little Eddy Money influence and that’s not a bad thing!


Next up is the heavy tribal track “Rain on me”. This song has that old school feel with some new school sound. Really good groove to this one with a big chours.


Up forth is the bass heavy title track “Hard Liquor in big glasses. Verses here defiantly remind me of a way more heavier Joe Elliot of Def Leppard. And once again the lead guitar playing fits in perfectly. I’ve got to say the CD cover looks great and certainly is fitting with the title track.


Last up is “When we were young”. This track defiantly sounds new school alternative but still with Brian’s 80’s hard rock influence. Just another solid track on this five song EP. I would put this song up against any of those alternative bands like “Jimmy Eat World or Fall out Boy. Great summer song about all the innocents of youth and how we should hold on to all the fantastic memories we have stored up in our brains. We only go around this crazy world once learn to enjoy and keep the party rockin just like Loveblast!!!


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