Op Rock

As part of our giving back to the courageous men and women that have given so much to our country, we will be going above and beyond for a select number of service members who have given so much.

Operation Rock Fest is going to have a “21 Band Salute to the Troops,” with 21 bands playing on 2 stages.  But we’ve turned things up a notch in the way of our support.  Between the two stages we will have what we are calling “The Heroes Hangar,” this will be a very limited access area for a select number of Service members.

The platform will sit in between the two stages.  With special viewing access and the best seat in the house for those who have give up so much for our freedom.  What we are asking is for you to write us your story.  Write why your Hero (or you the Service member) should be on the Heoroes Hangar.  Share your story with us, and the service member and one accompanying person of their choosing will be allowed to the “Heroes Hangar,” if selected.  The space is limited, and we look forward to reading these heroic stories.  Please send stories for selection to OpRockFest@gmail.com.

Thank you again for your service and sacrifice.

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