Placebo at the House of Blues



House of Blues/Chicago 10/16/14


As I showed up at the House of Blues in Chicago to cover another gig, I found myself thinking this is the most excited I have ever felt covering any band here!  I have been such a huge Placebo fan for years, ever since first hearing “Nancy Boy”.

While I waited in the photo pit staring out into the sold out crowd, feeling every ounce of energy, I could hardly contain myself.  Waiting in anticipation, they finally hit the stage with “For What it’s Worth”.  The place erupted and I hit the ground running and snapping pictures like a madman.  They went right into the title track of their new release, “Loud Like Love” followed by “Every You, Every Me”.

They played a great mix of their catalog as well as a lot of material from their latest release “Loud Like Love”.  Some of the highlights for me seemed to be the same for the crowd.  Tracks such as “Every You, Every Me”, “Loud Like Love”, “Scene of the Crime” “Running up that Hill” and of course, “Meds”.  I was all over the club throughout the set and I can say that they sounded and looked amazing from every corner of that place.  Placebo’s sound is second to none.  There was not one glitch in their set from Steve Forrest’s pounding tribal drumming to Stefan Olsdal’s bass/guitar/piano playing and the accompanying musicians. However, the beauty and range of Brian Molko’s lead vocals are what steals the show.   In my personal opinion, his voice is one of the most unique voices in rock today!  His voice and lyrics are mesmerizing, pulling from deep within his psyche and soul.  It takes a special talent to play guitar and sing lead vocals and Molko performs it beautifully.


I’ve waited for many years to see Placebo and they did not disappoint!  From their opening note to the end, they performed with poet, beauty and precision.

Set List:


For what it’s worth

Every you every me

Scene of the crime

A million little pieces

Twenty years

Too many friends

Rob the bank


One of a kind

Exit wounds


Song to say goodbye

Special K

Bitter end


Begin the end Running up that hill

Post blue


Photo credit and review by: John Affinito/Flys Photography

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