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This is the kind of job you don’t mind working a Sunday night for.

It all started with my 19year old son Tyler saying “Hey Dad, check out this thrash band called HAVOK out of Colorado, they are right up your alley”.  After checking them out online, my son was right and I knew this was a band I needed to check out live.

Tom George at set me up with an interview and credentials to cover them as they came through town this last Sunday and played at MoJoes of Joliet.

The Mighty SOULFLY and KNIFED AT GUNPOINT were also playing that night.

As KNIFED AT GUNPOINT was ready to hit the stage, I was having my interview with HAVOK outside the back of the venue.  Unfortunately, Officer Friendly was not in the friendliest of moods and seemed to have a problem with where we were conducting our interview.  So we had to cut it short, but this gave me time to get back in and see the opening act, KNIFED AT GUNPOINT.

I ran into the vocalist of KNIFED AT GUNPOINT prior to them getting on stage. I told him I would try to check them out if my interview was over in time.  I’m glad I had that chance…this local band is        B-R-U-T-A-L!  Check out the pic of the vocalist flippin’ me the bird…I love it!

I couldn’t wait to see HAVOK live as I sat enjoying a beverage in the photo pit in the anticipation of them.  From the opening note to the final note, this band ripped!

They had that old-school-thrash sound which I am so glad to hear these days.

With all the death metal shoved down our throats these days, its good to hear actual songs that actually have power and melodies.

Dave Sanchez has a very cool voice reminiscent to Death Angel and Megadeth while Peter Weber is such a powerful force on the drums.  His precision and power drive this band like a freight train!  The guitar work is intense and the new bassist Mike Leon seems to be the perfect fit.

I suggest you go see this band ASAP.  Go pick up their latest release “UNNATURALAL SELECTION’ on Candlelight Records.

Finally, the last up was the Mighty SOULFLY.  What else can I say…I watched Max Cavalera throughout the years and each time he plays, you know exactly what you are going to get; Hard, Heavy, Brutal, Tribal Metal jammed down your throat.

No matter how many years have gone by, Max still brings it!

With Tony Campos on bass, Mark Rizzo on guitar and his son Zyon Cavalera on drums, this band is heavier than ever!  As expected, they wiped MoJoe’s crowd into a frenzy.

Once again, A ‘Hard and Heavy Night” at MoJoes of Joliet.

I’m out. Fly \M/


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Review and Photo Submissions by:

John Affinito (FLY)/Flys Photography

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