Chicago Welcomes Metal Legends ‘TROUBLE’ back home!

Chicago Metal Legends


Chicago Metal Legends return home to rip apart the Metro in support of their latest release ‘THE DISTORTION FIELD’.

Fresh off their European tour, TROUBLE hit the Metro in full force.  From the moment they opened with their classic THE TEMPTER all the way till they covered SUPERNAUT by Black Sabbath, the band had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

They seem to have a new ‘freshness’ and confidence to them with the addition of the lead vocalist Kyle Thomas.

Kyle’s vocal range and style fit perfect as the band went through the classic trouble songs such as END OF MY DAZE, MEMORIES GARDEN and WICKEDNESS OF MAN to the new tracks off of ‘THE DISTORTION FIELD’, HUNTERS OF DOOM, PARANOIA CONSPIRACY  and the incredible powerful first track WHEN THE SKY FALLS DOWN.

I am a long time fan of the band and prior to reviewing the show, I had a chance to sit down with the guys and ask some questions.  After all I have seen and heard, I can say that trouble is here to stay!

~John (Fly) Affinito

 Fly sits down with Trouble


Welcome home guys, first lets talk about your latest release ‘The Distortion Field”, how is that being perceived so far?

RICK:  Really well so far, a lot of radio play, a lot of sales…  We’ll be supporting it this summer in the U.S. and have gotten a good response so far.

Where did you record it and who produced the album?

BRUCE:  Well we did our own recording actually.  We took a bunch of months and we produced it ourselves.  So instead of paying a bunch of money for a studio and hurrying to get it done, we kind of worked when we were able to work and did it ourselves.

Well it sounds great because I mean, as always, you have that ‘Trouble Sound’ with the guitar playing and the quality is great and Kyle, you did an awesome job as well.

 So tell me about your recent European tour and how did that come about?

R:  Well we thought it was important to do some shows in Europe first because that has always been our biggest crowd.  It went really well considering the short notice we gave them, I mean, we drew pretty well, the response was great, sales are up and um, we will be going back up there later this year as well.

Do you guys find that you’re a little bit more ‘received’ in Europe that the United States?

B:  Well if you think about it, heavy metal is bigger in Europe than it is in the United States.  I mean its dwindled away in United States a bit and it’s still strong in Europe so that has a lot to do with it.

Ok so I know you’ve probably been asked this 100 times, but how did it come about that you guys found Kyle?

R:  Actually, Kyle sang with us a few years back and did some shows with us.  In reality, Kyle was our first choice, it just seemed he had so much going on with other projects and when those didn’t work out, we said ‘we gotta give this guy a call’.  Fortunately, he was available.

That’s the tough thing man, finding the right vocalist.  So Kyle, what was the inspiration behind the track “Have I told you”?

KYLE:  Basically, 9 times out of 10, I write about my life experiences.  The last three years have been nothing short of a chaotic circus in my life from start to finish and um, it’s something that has been taxing for quite some time. And for all the crap I’ve put my wife through, it just felt right.  It felt like these were the things I needed to say.  I don’t really know if she was really feeling at the time for me.

How does she feel now, is she receiving it? 

 K:  Basically she had a friend say, “Do you realize that you just got the coolest apology ever”?   But basically, the song doesn’t have to just apply to me, I mean I’ve got friends who say “Hey man, my wife just heard this song and ya’ know, it relates to us” so ya’ know, that’s art anyway.

“That really should be an apology song for all men”! (Laughing)

 K:   You really should be able to listen to a song and project your own life and experience, and that’s what makes it.

Well I love that song man.  It has a great vibe and a great feel to it.

So do you guys have any plans on making a video?

R:   We’ve discussed it.  I don’t know if it’s absolutely necessary.  There is one video out there, a YouTube video.  It’s a lyrical video for ‘When the sky falls down’.  I don’t know…we really don’t know.  We are touring this summer so we will see, anything can happen.

So describe your guitar tones.  Because you guys are so unique, I mean, I’ve known you guys for years, and whenever I’ve seen you guys play, you just see a Marshall Head, a Gibson flying V.  What makes your tone so much different and unique opposed to 99percent of what is out there?

B:  We are minimalists when it comes to our guitars.  We don’t have like super processed sounds. We actually use like two or three pedals, an old marshall, a Gibson..

Do you guys beef it up at all?

B: No

Because you’re sound is really noticeable…

B:  Its knowing how to set an EQ.

Marco, how long have you been with the band and what’s it like playing with Rick and Bruce, who are legends.

MARCO: Very humbling, I learned a lot from them.  I’ve been with them since 08.

Is this your first album with them?

M:  Full length

In closing, just talk about what you guys have coming up this summer…

R: We are working on an East Bound tour for mid summer and we are just discussing possibly going through the west coast as well.  Were gonna do some runs, short runs, ya’ know a week here a week there and cover as much territory as we can.  And we also have plans for a couple of runs to Europe in the fall.  So I mean, at our stage, we can’t just go out and tour, we have to pick and choose our spots, trying to get the best spots that are the best to play in.

I know these days touring is the biggest part of supporting an album. So lets be sure give everyone your info so they can continue to follow you…Thanks guys.




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