Vicious Rumors /Seven Witches

On 9/25/13, Sheri had a meeting to go to Reggie’s in the city.  I was there to tag along so I figured I would check and see if any bands were gigging that night and I could snap some live shots.  The headliner was a band called VICIOUS RUMORS along with SEVEN WITCHES and VINDICATION.  Since I have never heard of these bands, I didn’t expect much at all however I was dead wrong!

As I sat at the bar and had a beverage, I debated on leaving as soon as Sheri’s meeting was over or sticking around and watching the bands.  I wandered into the stage area and saw people selling merchandise.  I asked the guy if he was from the band and it turned out to be the leader, Geoff Thorpe.  I asked if it was possible to grab an interview and he happily obliged.  I was also able to get an interview from Seven Witches guitarist, Jack Frost and vocalist, Anthony Cross.

Although I didn’t get a chance to see VINDICATION, I was able to catch most of Seven Witches set and also VICIOUS RUMORS.  Both these bands ripped my head off!  VICIOUS RUMORS had an amazing sound and super high energy with a kid on vocals that was so fuckin unbelievable!

Do yourself a favor and catch this tour when it rolls through your town…

\M/   ~Fly



Photos and Review by : John (Fly) Affinito/Fly Photography


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